Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Travel day part dos

I make it to Denver and catch a nice snack in the airport and make the connection to Washington D.C. with time to spare this time. It has been quite the day of travel already. This is the last short flight that I will take before the big one south.

I land in D.C. with about 30 minutes to be ticketed, checked in, and sitting on my next flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I run to guest services and they notice all the changes that had been made to my flight and it wasn't done correctly. This lady behind the counter really sure had all the time in the world and didn't understand that I did not.

But, I got my ticket and ran over to my flight and got to the counter to ask the lady to check me in. She was pretty frustrated at the time trying to deal with the unhappy people in standby. She was very short with me and said "Sit down and I will call your name!" Not understanding how she would know my name I took a seat. Precious minutes slide by as I watch all the seats fill up. Then I finally get up and tell the lady straight up " I'm getting on this plane and you will take my ticket now."

She was very apologetic for not knowing I had to check in, etc. She printed out my ticket and I ran down the ramp to be the last one on the plane. I check my ticket and it says row 9 seat "h"... I thought it was a seat that was very close to the front and was fairly surprised. Much to my surprise my seat was the last row of United's Business class!!!!

So I sit down and take in my surroundings. my seat reclines, it lays completely flat, it massages.... I have chargers for all my electronics, my own 24 in tv with on demand everything, video games built in, a down blanket, a toothbrush, a pen, a blindfold, lotion, earplugs, and unlimited service.

Before we even take off, the flight attendants are bringing out drinks and warm nuts in a sliver bowl.... during my back massage.... I could get used to this. We get in the air and I watch Death at a Funeral (which I wouldn't recommend) and I was served my four course meal. Yes, I am still on an airplane. The meal consisted of a wonderful salad with a vinaigrette, fresh rolls, poached salmon, my chicken I ordered(my compliments to the chef, whoever you may be), horseradish red potatoes w/ asparagus, and cheesecake to finish it off. They helped me select a wine that would compliment my meal best and they had endless drinks for freeeeee. I am into this.

I obviously don't sleep the entire flight because I am challenged in that area. Watch some movies, eat my breakfast and we arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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