Monday, August 23, 2010

Street Art

There is some serious artwork on the buildings here. Any open walls in the town are just littered with one of two kinds of graffiti. There are some amateurs that decided that it would be cool to put up some chicken scratch on the wall. Some essay just walks up and thinks it will be cool to write the name CeSaR up on the wall kind of shit. But there is also some seriously talented individuals around here that know what they are doing. Crazy artwork that is super detailed and have deeper meaning. They rage from odd looking aliens to mermaids. Full murals on the wall that people such as Cesar wouldn't dare touch. There isn't rivalries of people here tagging over each others gang signs and logos. Walls do have their share of writings, but never overlapping as to discriminate anyones past writings. I think it is astecially pleasing to see around town and adds a bit a culture in a way that is new to me. Yes, I have seen plenty of wall-work in southern California inner cities, but its a different vibe here. No one expressing themselves to bash others. But more in the direction of self expression and doing art for the love of it, the way it should be.

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