Sunday, August 29, 2010

My internship

During the course of my internship here at SASS I have been thrown some curve balls and I have thrown them some curve balls.

It all started with the first session and how I thought I had a wonderful internship that fit me perfectly. I was supposed to run around SASS with a video camera and interview other interns and make short video clips explaining their internships. Which is a super cool internship and they fit for me perfectly because they read through my questionnaire and saw I wanted to do marketing and I enjoy videography. So they tailored the internship to fit me perfectly.

But as I thought about it, videography was a hobby of mine and I see myself having no future in it... So after going through about half of the internship I chose to change it.

I went up to Travis and told him that I want to do something that I can carry on later in life. So I now work under him in the sales department and I can work my way into some marketing when I am ready. Call some people that are sitting on the fence about coming and sell them as hard as I can. Also, work on the affiliates program with them. The program is where they create incentives for surf shop workers to try to sell people to go to the surf camps in turn for coming at a discounted rate. Last, I have worked at creating a list of surf shops in the US.

Lots of fun and still more crunch time for me.

Just for fun, Some cows rolled through the yard yesterday, and two local strays, Tommy and Rocky

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