Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Town is both scary and wonderful at the same time. New places, new people, same language that I don't understand. All the food and drinks here are so cheap, even down to things like cigarettes being about $1 a pack US.

we ended up going to a wonderful dinner and eating lots of delicious food. I make trips to town frequently so as to grab groceries, get out of camp and go to an ATM.

ATM's here are hard to come by. There are only 2 at the mountain and they were out of money yesterday. The ones in town are behind locked doors during most of the day and there is only one place with outside walk up ATM's.

I am slowly finding out some of the best things that Argentina has to offer. Churros are the best, the coffee is good, the tea is great. Matea is a tea that has 5 times the caffine of coffee, so naturally I bought a month's supply of it and a sweet souvenir cup.

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